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Friendship is a key word for all our expeditions. Great friendship and mutual understanding between Bidur Thapaliya (professional rafter and kayaker, director of our company) and Oleg Zaharov (famous Siberian traveler, professional rafter and expedition leader) gave start to the history of all our river expeditions.

Bublick 1998Expedition of our company together with Siberian sportsmen.
Year 1998 we can call expedition year for our company in the way that together with Russian rafters from Siberia we tried new for us craft Bublick on the Gorges of Bhote Kosi River. For river exploration we used such crafts as Bublick, double cataraft and kayak as well.
We had a really great time together exploring rivers, developing Team spirit and building plans for future expeditions.

“Upper Arun Gorges Expedition”- First Descent
Arun GorgeRiver Expedition of our company together with Siberian sportsmen from Kuzbass region (Novokuzneck city) and Altay region (Barnaul city).
December 2000
First Descent of Arun River Gorge (from Num to Chatra).

In expedition was used such craft as Bublick. A part of the gorge during this expedition was run by kayakers. This expedition received wide coverage in the media of Nepal (video from this expedition was shown on central TV channel of Nepal).

Map of Arun River.

Participants of “Upper Arun Gorges Expedition 2000”:
Siberian Team:

1. Oleg Zaharov (professional whitewater rafter, expedition leader and outstanding traveler from Novokuzneck city, Russia)
2. Alexandr Provatorov ( professional whitewater rafter, climber and outstanding traveler from Barnaul city, Russia)
3. Nikolay Kozemyako (professional climber (Makalu 1996, Amadablam 1998, Everest from North 2001), rafter from Novokuzneck city, Russia)
4. Alexsandr Chernishov (whitewater rafter from Novokuzneck city, Russia)

Team of Our Company:
5. Bidur Thapaliya (professional whitewater rafter and kayaker, founder and managing director of “Mountain River Rafting” since its establishment in 1992 till the end of the year 2006, director of “WhiteWater Nepal (P.)LTD.” since the year 2007)
6. Ammar Magar (professional whitewater raft guide)
7. Ram Bhandari (professional kayaker)

Jack & Bidur2001 -2004
Project “Siberia-Himalayas: Rafting down the Everest”.

The main aim of the project: to raft on different water crafts down all the most difficult Himalayan rivers which take their source on the highest mountains of the world.

History behind the project “Siberia-Himalayas: Rafting down the Everest”:
Evgeny Kovalevsky (more known as Jack) – extreme Siberian rafter from Tomsk city is the spiritual guru and main creator of this project. Evgeny had dreams and long term plans to visit Nepal and to raft on Himalayan rivers, in the summer 2001 in Russia he was introduced by Oleg Zaharov – famous Russian traveler and rafter from Siberian city Novokuzneck to Bidur Thapapliya – professional Nepalese rafter and director of “WhiteWater Nepal (P.) LTD”. Oleg Zaharov did many successful mountain and river expeditions to Nepal and he encouraged Jack for his Himalayan expeditions to make his dreams come true providing him with valuable advice, information and real help. From that time ideas and visions of Evgeny about possible expeditions started to turn into real plans. Partnership and mutual understanding between Jack and Bidur developed into real friendship and it made preparations for expeditions positively progressive in a short period of time. As a result the first expedition gave start for the 4 year project “Siberia – Himalayas: Rafting down the Everest” in autumn 2001. The first expedition was followed by 3 successful expeditions on the rivers of Nepal. Bidur and Jack were many times together on different rivers of Nepal and for sure they have plenty of plans for future expeditions. Now days they are in the process of working for the next expedition to come.
Latest joined expedition of whitewater professionals from Russia and Team of “WhiteWater Nepal (P.) LTD.” took places in April 2008.

Achievements in the frame of the project “Siberia-Himalayas: Rafting down the Everest” 2001-2004:

4 successful river expeditions (with first descents) which were run by Siberian sportsmen (from Tomsk city) together with OurTeam.

Expedition 2001Year 2001
(1st – 31st December )
First river expedition achievements:

- During the first expedition rivers (class 4-5) of Central and Western Nepal were run: Bhote Kosi, Kali Gandaki,Trisuli, Marsyangdi.




Expedition 2002Year 2002
(16 December 2002 -14 January 2003)
Second river expedition achievements:

- During the second expedition rivers were run: Sun Koshi, Tamur, Low Arun, Trishuli – total 500km. of rafting
- 2 km. descent of gorge on Bhote Kosi river by double cataraft.



Expedition 2003Year 2003
(23 October – 5th December)
Third river expedition achievements:

- Sport expedition: rafting from south slope of Mt. Everest (Dudh Koshi river)
- First descent of upper and middle sections of river Dudh Koshi by double catamaran. Expedition made descent of upper Dudh Koshi (down the rivers Chola Khola, Lobuche Khola, Imja Khola , Dudh Koshi) from the Lake Chola Tso to the Tengboche monastery with the carrying by the bank waterfalls complex under Tengboche and gorge under Namche Bazzar.
- Expedition made descent of middle Dudh Koshi from Namche Bazzar to Cheplung with carrying by the bank waterfalls complex under Lukla gorge. Lower Dudh Koshi has been rafted from Adheri to the confluence with Sun Koshi by double cataraft and special Russian craft Bublick. More information on bublick.
- During the third expedition was made most complete run of Dudh Koshi river from its source. The total rafted distance is about 130 km. Starting altitude of river expedition: 4600m. Final altitude: 500m.
- Trekking part of expedition: Kala Pattar climb (5550m.)

Challenge of Dudh Koshi River Expedition down Everest 2003
River Raft 2004
Year 2004
(21 November – 30 December 2004) First ever descent of Upper Arun Gorge.
This expedition in the frame of the project “Siberia –Himalayas 2001 – 2004” was completed by join team of Siberain sportsmen from Tomsk and Novokuzneck cities and Our Team.
4th river expedition achievements:

- First ever descent of upper Arun river gorge. (40 km. of upper Arun gorge from Nepal - China border). Crafts which were used: double catamaran and bublick.

Upper Arun Gorge Expedition of our great friends and extreme Siberian sportsmen from Kuzbass region and Tomsk city completed successfully! Arun River, proved River Expeditionits strength and unbelievable difficulty, it took 2 weeks more from the sportsmen then they had planned but the team of experienced rafters managed to make officially proved first descent of the Upper Arun Gorge!
- During the expedition detailed research of river Arun was conducted from point of view of sport rafting.




Dudh Kosi River Expedition (October 2007)
WaterfallOur great friend and extreme Siberian rafter Evgeny Kovalevsky for his 50th anniversary prepared new expedition on Himalayan rivers together with Team of “WhiteWater Nepal Pvt. Ltd:
Expedition on Dudh Koshi River (the steepest Himalayan river) started in the beginning of October 2007. This River Expedition will take off as high as 5000 m. and from there down the Dudh Kosi to the confluence with Sun Kosi river. The aim of the expedition: to make as complete run of the Dudh Kosi as possible.
For Updated Information about Dudh Kosi River Expedition 2007, please, follow this link of out site: Dudhkosi Expedition






Latest expeditions:

Arun RaftnepalArun River Expedition 2008.
In April 2008 WhiteWater Nepal Pvt. Ltd. together with Russian team from Kuzbass region successfully run whitewater expedition on Arun River. To view the pictures from the Expedition, please, visit our photo gallery. Our expedition received recognition in Russia as the most outstanding expedition of the year. The expedition team was honored with medals by the Governor of Kuzbass region of Russia on the world tourism day, 27 September 2008!

Welcome to the Rivers of Nepal!

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