Camping and Outdoor Activities

Camping and Outdoor Activities

Our main rafting base with beautiful private camping place is around 82 km. from Kathmandu on the bank of Trisuli river. If you are heading to Pokhara or Chitwan National park or any part of western Nepal this is the place to stop for some exciting outdoor activities, relaxation, overnight camping, refreshments and more…
Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, Bicycling, Hiking, Camping……There are many adventure options have you 1 day or 1 week….there is trip for everyone!

Rafting/Kayaking on Trisuli river for 1 or 2 days with overnight camping.
Trisuli river has something to offer for everyone whatever you experience of whitewater there is section of river for you to enjoy!
It’s a nice place if you want to relax on the bank of the river or have BBQ party with friends, conduct team building event, have family holidays or simply looking for city escape.

Our camping base is right on the perfect sport for learning kayaking. If you come to enjoy overnight camping on the river bank than why not to have new experience?! Try kayaking!

Learn to Kayak and Camp on the river bank.
Learn to kayak on Trisuli river. If you have never done it but like to learn the art of kayaking we advise you to have professional assistance in order to build stable base for development.  Come and join us!
Our kayak instructors are ready to share their knowledge with you and guide you through.  Depending on the amount of time you have we create the program for you.  If you have very short time of few hours  it gives you first impressions of kayaking  but if you have some more  time for it than sign in for kayak course and enter the world of kayaking.
Theory and practice of basic stroke, water reading, river crossing, eddy in and eddy out , science of Eskimo roll and rescue techniques! Learning on a calm part and practicing on some beautiful and safe waves…..Spend a day on the river with the camping just next to it …. And it means that you do not need to go or drive anywhere… rush  as refreshing treats, meals, relaxation spot and all the other things you need for enjoyable time is right there for you!
If you get infected with kayaking and want to move on there are plenty of opportunities on Trisuli river for that! Develop the skills together with professional kayak instructors, enjoy paddling whitewater and join us for other river trips!

Beautiful canyoning place is just about 35 min. walk from “WhiteWater Nepal Pvt. Ltd.” Camping. There is few stage canyoing spot. Our professional climber/canyoning guides will accompany you on the trip and ensure your safe descents. With the help of ropes and harnesses you abseil down. Through July to March the walls are shining with water and spots offers you beautiful pools to enjoy. While through March till Monsoon season it’s more dry but not less exciting!  If you like to have more of canyoning than there is great place for it just 10 min. to 35 min. drive from our center.

Specials for Rafting & Combination of different rivers for Rafting.
As we are team of whitewater guides we are on the rivers and constantly monitoring conditions, always looking for the marshyandi Raftingbest option of river trips for different season and water level for you to enjoy maximum in a save way! Our Team plans whitewater trips for you to experience more, to spend maximum time on the river and to enjoy!
We love all river trips but we also have our favorites in different seasons and these favorite ones become our special offers of the season. Specials differ from season to season. Stay turned and join us for whitewater trips!

Trisuli River + Marsyandi River
 If you are looking for maximum whitewater than join our Trusuli+Marsyandi River Trips. Classic Marsyandi trip takes 3 days but since we have our centrally located private Camping which makes all logistics less tiring and easy we run combination of Trisuli river + Marsyandi river in 3 days without cutting your rafting distance of Marsyandi but instead adding bonus of Trisuli river for rafting with overnight in our Camping!  Less driving, less hassle, more whitewater and enjoyment with bonus of 1 river and all this in the same time frame! Want to know more – contact us!