Long Rafting/Kayaking Trips with River information:

River Adventure

Our Rafting Grouplonger rafting trips take you into some of Nepal’s most remote areas. Often long rafting/kayaking begin with short treks to the river. On these treks we employ local porters to carry our gear and supplies, so all you need to carry - your own personal belongings.

Many of our long trips finish close to some of our less easily accessible National Parks and Wildlife Reserves (the Karnali trip actually finishes in the Bardia National Park). So you may wish to combine your rafting trip with a safari adventure and go in search for tigers, bears and one horned Rhinos!

Sun koshi River: The river of gold (7 to 9 days) depend on season.
Sun Koshi River Rafting (class 4 to 5) is famous in whitewater circles and with good reason: rafting on Sun Koshi river is one of the 10 most exciting white water rafting in the world, roaring past remote villages and green fertile mountains covered with forests and rice terraces, where local inhabitants can be seen in their daily rural activities. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience… particularly during high water, when the rapids can swell to massive sizes, sometimes making the rafts completely disappear from sight!
Sun Kosi Rafting

Sun Koshi/Tamur: Best combined for adventure lovers (10 to 11 days)
The unique Sun Koshi River Rafting/Kayaking trip end with a short drive and camping on the adjoining Tamur River on day 08. Next morning we will raft the Tamur, which is a very powerful and exciting river with over 30 Class 4 to 4+ rapids in rapid succession. After rejoining Sun Koshi river, we camp at the confluence and the next morning we raft/kayak to Chatara and return toKathmandu. This extra day rafting trip on Tamur river is the best way to end Sun Koshi rafting experience.
Sun Koshi/Tamur Rafting

Tamur River: The best of the East (11 days)
lAn expedition on Tamur River begins with a breathtaking 4-day trek through remote Eastern Nepal. This short trek offers Campingan amazing view of Mt. Makalu, Kanchanjanga, passing through rhododendron forest and an ancient villages of Rai majority. Once on river Tamur, you begin a 135 km. descent through more than 100 of the most exciting (class 4 to 5) rapids that the river has to offer. As with the Tamur river rafting offers you the opportunity to explore a beautiful, but rarely seen part of Nepal by foot and raft or kayak.
Tamur Rafting

Safari Option: If you don't want to drive back the long 500 km to Kathmandu all at once, you can stop along the way andhave a rest and enjoy the wildlife activities at Chitwan National Park. This world-famous wildlife preserve offerselephant-back safaris, jungle walks, bird watching, canoeing trips and local cultural activities as well. Weaccommodate you in the best located wildlife lodges in the park.Cata

Return to Kathmandu by Air: For those who have limited time, we can arrange a flight to Kathmandu from Biratnagar airport, after the final day of rafting on Sun Koshi river.

Arun River: Trekker's Delight (9 days)
This River trip begins with 3 day trek through remote villages of Arun valley. Camping out in lush forests with views of the snowcapped Himalayan peaks. On Arun river, the powerful current drives your raft or kayak through 4 days of great white water action; at night you relax on fantastic beaches in dramatic valleys of Arun. In our opinion, the combination of trekking, spectacular scenery, great rapids and remote location make the Arun itself best river running.
RaftingArun Rafting

Karnali River: The Wild West (10 days)
A one-day trek from the nearest road leads you to Karnali river - largest and longest river of Nepal. On the river, a series of challenging class IV to V rapids takes you through narrow canyons and dense forest full of diverse flora and fauna, finally leaving you close to Bardia National Park, where you can combine your Karnali river rafting adventure with a safari trip and maybe spot some of the park’s one-horned rhinos and elusive tigers.
Karnali Rafting