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Expedition of Russian Extreme Rafting Team
November 16, 2004: 4th expedition of Russian rafting sportsmen from Tomsk city starts in the frame of the project “Siberia-Himalayas: Rafting down the Everest 2001-2004” . This time rafters will challenge Upper Arun River Gorge. This section of the river has not been completely run till now! For this expedition Russian Team together with “WhiteWater Nepal” will use such crafts as double catamaran and Russian invention - craft “bublick” (for more information about this craft you can have a look at our report of previous extreme expeditions).

Achievements of Upper Arun Gorge Expedition:
River Expedition of Russian sportsmen together with “WhiteWater Nepal”, 21.11.04-30.12.04:
Upper Arun Gorge Expedition of our great friends and extreme Siberian sportsmen from Kuzbas region and Tomsk city completed successfully! Arun River, proved its strength and unbelievable difficulty, took 2 weeks more from the sportsmen but the team of experienced rafters managed to make officially proved first descent of the Upper Arun Gorge.

Arun Cata Arun Expedition
New Challenge of Dudh Koshi River down Everest
River down to everest River down to everest

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