Summer Rafting in Siberia with “WhiteWater Nepal Pvt. Ltd.”.

Join us on our rafting trip, raft beautiful Katun river, enjoy gorgeous virginity of Siberian nature! 

What is Altay?
 A flowery fragrance of Alpine meadows; pure mountain rivers and lakes, the medicinal herbs along the icy mountain streams; the famous Altay honey; the nomadic stone idols and Rerich's trails; the settlements of the "old believers", the Siberian shamans…..the kingdom of nature and ancient spirit ...
From the ancient times the Altai was called "Golden mountain" (the name of the Altai comes from a Mongolian word "altan" which means "gold"). Located in temperate zone, it stretches from south-east to north-west for almost 1000 km. Located at an equal distance away from four oceans, right in the center of the Eurasian continent, it lies on the crossroads of Mongolian and Turkish worlds, and keeps all the traces of the centuries-old history: overgrown enclosures and burial-mounds, pictures and characters on the weathered rocks, ancient stone statues...
Being located on the crossroads of two great continents - Europe and Asia, this large mysterious mountain land has absorbed the peculiar features of both worlds. The Altai is the place of cultures concentration. Many ethnic groups were rooted and developed there. Altai has been keeping all the traces of the old-centuries history. Archeological finds and petroglyphs which you can see there are dated 1.5 million years back…
The highest peak of Siberia (4506 m) is located in the Altai and it is called "Belukha". The three-headed peak of Belukha is a symbol of the peaceful coexistence of three world religions: Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. The people of Altai believed this mountain to be sacred and called it Uch-Semer.
Nowhere else in Siberia can be found the combination of beautiful mountain chains with snow and glaciers, rocky canyons, white rivers with rapids and waterfalls, big and small lakes, somber fir-trees darkness in the east and light deciduous forests in the west. A great number of large and small rivers are born in mountain chains of the region.
 Katun takes its source on the southern slopes of the highest Siberian peak Belukha (4506m) from Gebler glacier. The Katun is roaring down brining pure energy of its water through 680km of mountain land, later combining with river Biya giving source to the famous Siberian River Ob. The Katun offers marvelous rafting experience combining great rapids with fantastic natural surroundings. 

Tour: Rafting on Katun River (Middle Section)       
Region: Russia, South of Western Siberia, the Altay Mountains
Activity: Rafting


Day 01. Begginnig of the tour. Arrival to Barnaul. Drive to the starting point of rafting - 515km.
In the morning meeting in the capital of Altay region – Barnaul city.  Breakfast in the café. Drive to the starting point of rafting, Our way goes through the Chuisky road (an ancient trade rout ), will have a break  in a famous village Srostki on the way where you can have a look at local village life-style and try local cuisine as well as berries and Altai honey.  You will enjoy views of the passes: Seminsky and broken through the rock Chiket-Aman.  Camping on the sandy bank of Katun river. Guides will cook delicious dinner for you  and you’ll enjoy evening next to welcoming camp fire.

Day 02: Rafting on Katun River.
Wake up around 8.00 am, breakfast and preparation for the rafting trip. Total rafting distance for this day – 17 km, first 10 km. before main rapids we’ll have enough time to practice commands and to develop  good teamwork and not to forget to enjoy beautiful scenery! We’ll pass through Ilgumen rapid (class 3 to 4 depending on water level). Checking and shooting the rapids. Total rafting time for this day – 2 hours.  Lunch will be served  during rafting. Overnight camping near  by Ailugash river. This river is a good one for fishing! Dinner will be around 8.00 pm.

Day 03: Great Rafting Day on Katun river.
Exciting rafting day. After breakfast rafting starts. The total rafting distance for this day – 29 km.  Just after 15 to 20 minutes of rafting main rapid session starts, it’s called 'Kadrinskaya Truba' ( truba means pipe in russian language) – class 4, it consists of  separate rapids and waves. About 40 min later comes  the most impressive rapid on the river - 'Shabash'- class 4.  After exciting rafting day you’ll enjoy relax evening at the camp site on the bank of the Katun and special bonus of the day – hot banya (Russian sauna)

Day 04: Rafting on the Katun in combination with hiking and relaxing. Rafting -3km, hiking -12 km.
This day rafting will be on a quite calm section of the river. After lunch hiking to a holy mountain for a gorgeous views of surrounding mountains and countryside.  Sightseeing to ancient rock drawings - petroglyths. Overnight camping on the riverbank.

Day 05: Rafting.
This day we’ll pass 37 km. by river. This day is not of  impressive rapids but of beautiful scenery, anyway there will be some rapids to wake up the team! Lunch on a sandy bank of the river, time to relax and to swim. Overnight camping. A farewell party round a camp - fire in the evening with songs and sounds of guitar.

Day 06: Return to Barnaul.
Drive back to Barnaul. We stop at the village Srostki, where we can eat lunch and buy souvenirs. Transfer to the hotel. On-the-way and in-town meals are at your own expenses.

Day 07: Departure
Transfer to the airport.

NOTE: We do our best to organize a trip the way for you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and if you want to see some more interesting places of the region not included in the package - you’ re always welcome. Let us know in advance as we are open for discussion and consider all you interests as much as possible.

Welcome to Altai!